I want more

He asked me to submit, within hours of our first face to face meeting.  Silly me, I denied him that first night.  We had been talking off and on for several months, but didnt really discuss what each of us wanted.  I could not submit at that time, I needed to know him more, build […]


We Aren’t Easy

Swingers are stereotyped in various ways. A common misconception is that we fuck everyone. On a recent lifestyle cruise we encountered an individual who crossed the line on that belief. It was lingerie night. I was wearing a silky, lace adorned black and emerald green bra with matching skirt that covered half my ass. The […]


An Open Letter to ‘Mary From Martha’

EDITED: As an aside, when talking to my mother today, I can’t believe I forgot a very important point. When a transgendered woman starts her transition process, she starts with hormone therapy. This can be one of three different options: estrogen alone; androgen-blockers alone; and a combination of estrogen and androgen-blockers. What is important to […]


Boundary Basics: What do you Need to Feel Safe?

Everyone needs something to feel safe.  Whether or not you’re aware of that and what those things depends a lot on the experience you’ve had in the past, especially if there have been times in your life that you sense of safety (or actual safety) have been compromised. Part of navigating the kinkoverse, it’s spaces, […]