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A couple of years ago I thought it was about time I started sharing some of my experiences in this crazy life I live! I’m a happily married woman in her 20’s. My husband (H) and I have been swingers for years. In addition to these adventures, I’m also deeply submissive. However, H isn’t a Dom. This has left me constantly struggling to deal with some of my needs and desires that are left unmet, while still enjoying lots of kinky sex with a variety of people. H certainly tries to give me everything I could ever want, but I’m still wishing for a stable Dom to submit to and rely on. I find myself somewhat drawn to exploring the DD/lg dynamic; I don’t currently identify as little, but on this journey toward a better understanding of myself that may very well be a piece I must work to incorporate. Check out my About Being little section to see what I’m reading, discovering and thinking on this subject.


In 2014 H and I became involved in a polyamorous relationship with another couple. You can find this story, The Cloverleaf Chronicles, starting with  The Beginning under the Past Experiences sectionIn addition to Recent Experiences, you can find two sub-categories under this section: the first archives all things related to Mr. Casual Friday (also known as MCF), my mentor and a favorite target of my fantasies; the second is my Self Portrait series from the first half of 2016. This section contains a collection of pieces describing my process of self-discovery which was occurring at that time. If you wish to learn about me I recommend you begin here, with Evolution. My newest category, Elusive Cohesion, is a parking lot for my more philosophical and/or abstract lines of thought; here I will be collecting the things which have a powerful relevance to my state of mind, yet I am still working out the explicit implications and points of connection. This section will likely provide a preview of upcoming themes which will emerge in my Recent Experiences category.


Although not perfect, I have an amazing life and a very happy marriage. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy! I’ve blogged a little about Past Experiences and H & my journey together, but I’m primarily focusing on Recent Experiences at this point. Please be forewarned: this site contains no-holds-barred access to my most intimate thoughts, feelings and sexual experiences. As open and honest as H and I are with one another in order to make our lifestyle work, this site will include previews of my thoughts and feelings that I have not yet shared even with him. I am stumbling step by step down a rocky, winding path to complete understanding, acceptance and inner peace. Curious yet? Please, explore…


This blog is strictly 18+ and NSFW!


If anyone wishes to contact me directly, I can be reached on Twitter @LifestyleSub or on FetLife :)


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10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ooh, really looking forward to reading this blog! I have some little tiny DD/lg fantasies bubbling to the surface right now, so I’m interested in anyone on the same journey. (And I❤ kink in general.)


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