The Price of Skin – a personal essay on the ownership of women’s bodies

The Likkleone

I just got my grades back for my final assignment for my last unit and I’m so happy. I got 87% which is a High Distinction and my tutor started her comments with “Wow”. Maybe I’m bragging a little bit but I’m SO STOKED. It took a lot of work and there were elements I was concerned about but turns out I needn’t have worried. She made two comments total for the whole thing and they were both compliments on how it was going. I’ve posted my essay below – it’s a bit longer than anything I’d usually post but hopefully you don’t mind.

Aaargh! That’s such a relief. I definitely deserve a glass of champagne tonight. And it just so happens I’m going to a champagne degustation in 1.5 hours – how handy is that?


I’m standing on the front steps of our house. Naked. It’s summer and a breeze ruffles…

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…no one else has it – littlepinkcorner

For the first time ever someone at work introduced me as polyamorous to a new colleague, it’s a small office and this polyamory business is entertaining for them – I’m starting to feel like a circus performer but anyway, I take it in my stride. I’m in a management position in a financial services company. […]

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Reserved for Her – mdsh143

05/31/2016:Last night MD ordered me to lick Her p*ssy and then turned over and told me to lick Her ass. It wasn’t because She wanted to give me a treat, She just wanted to use for Her pleasure. Normally MD doesn’t allow me to lick Her p*ssy, so last night was an exception. There […]

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