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Sometimes we just need affection to know it’s going to be okay. Life may be too complicated in the moment so words won’t work. A hug, a pat on the butt or maybe just a smile.

Sometimes we need affection, reassurance our world isn’t necessarily falling a part.

Affection. Does it make me weak to say I need it?

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Supposed Sexual Superiority

The Gay Agenda


Whether it comes from the media or from our peers, there is a lot of pressure within our society to be having ‘good’ sex. This entirely undefined term seems to refer to having frequent sex, as well as, of course, having lots of orgasms. There is a decent amount of resistance to these notions, which is great. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve been reassured by women’s magazines that penis-in-vagina sex alone doesn’t quite do it for most women (information which I will store in the ‘in case I ever become sexually involved with a man’ file in my brain). But this reassurance that penis-does-not-equal orgasms (necessarily) just adds fuel to the most persistent of rumours: that lesbian sex is inherently amazing.

And this rumour is everywhere.

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