And You Wonder Why We Live In Fear – The Demonized Other

There is sadly a truism about dating in this over-connected world. There is always a seeming level of disconnect between the types of communication that are available to us. Someone you might enjoy the company of in person can become someone entirely different when texting or emailing. Plus, we women have to make a […]

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The (Lack Of) Consensus Surrounding Consent – Jack Fisher’s Official Publishing Blog

Some issues really shouldn’t be that controversial to begin with. Things like treating pets well, not hitting kids, and not putting wasabi in your cereal are just common sense. There should be no controversy. Anyone who wasn’t raised by Jeffrey Dahlmer should understand that. That’s why I find it so frustrating that the simple issue […]

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The Intuitive Realist: The INTJ

This is the best description of myself I’ve ever read…written by a complete stranger!

Cultural Disasters

Writing about INTJs is something of a challenge when you aren’t one, yourself. Nevertheless, they remain among the rarest and most interesting human beings in the world worth evaluating and writing about.

An INTJ is likely someone you knew at one point or another in your life. She is the friend who warned you not to make a drunken, impulsive decision shortly before you made it, anyway. He is the guy at work who cannot abide your slow, inefficient methodologies so he completely restructures your work flow so that it’s faster and less repetitive. She is the (somewhat cynical) realist who readily points out holes in your logic your friend’s logic, your boss’s logic, and your neighbor Fred’s logic. This friend or aquaintance wasn’t someone to turn to for emotional affirmation or pointless banter. This is someone you turn to when you really want or need to get things done…

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The Art of Inside Sidestepping – “Social Dilettantism Protection Tent” #INTJ

a french toolbox

This is a whole box of tools about Inside Sidestepping. I evoked it in an article about how to disappear in oneself for a short moment : Waldgänger. It’s about “staying where you are, but you don’t believe anymore”. An exercise INTJs love to do !

In love, at work, at a meeting, within a group of friends : you can use thateverywhere. Suddenly you’re out. Suddenly you see how things work, and you become a watcher :

  • It’s not rebelling, it’s about watching, and feeling differently
  • Itcan beprotection, sheltering
  • Suddenly youdon’t play the game, or you do “as if”, and you watch
  • You let yourself be thoughtful, pensive, undecided
  • The othersdon’t know you’re in your tent
  • You can invent, build, and destroy your tent in a second
  • You stay there, but you don’t believe,you’re a dilettante, a dabbler
  • You can be sarcastic or ironic…

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Laying Solid Foundations


Hey Wolfpack! It’s been a while since I touched base, so I thought I’d catch you up on where we are in the process of turning a vision into reality. If you would have asked me ten years ago if I ever thought I’d be an entrepreneur my answer would have been a glaring NO. Even a year ago I couldn’t really see myself ever owning a business. For some reason I believed that small businesses and entrepreneurs were really just salespeople who had a great product to capitalize from. Sales has never been a passion of mine. Actually, if you were to offer me a sales or collection position I’d probably look at you like you were crazy. My distaste for the “sales” profession as a whole definitely comes from my Meyers-Briggs typology. 

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The Fe-Fi Divide


Lately, two new INFJs have waltzed into my life whom I get along quite well with. I wonder what’s different about these two in comparison to the dozens of others I know presently and from the past, and I have a few guesses. I doubt, though, that our relationship will go deeper or last for long. But for now, I’m enjoying their company.

I think I come across to them as insightful, since they’re not familiar with the MBTI and I have much to say about it. I haven’t really found anything they said to me particularly insightful, so the relationships are a little one-sided.

One thing odd is that I give them relationship advice. How absurd. Aren’t INFJs the ones who are supposed to have exceptional interpersonal skills? I recently spent a couple of hours talking with one of them about their feelings and relationship troubles, and I was…

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Your greatest strength might be your greatest weakness – Ida Auclond

When I was in high school, somebody told me that one’s greatest strength was also their greatest weakness, and vice versa. At first, this idea seemed silly, but that was because I took it too literally. I came to interpret it as: a character trait can be equally good and bad. Those of you who […]

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