Casual Friday

My workplace has the whole spectrum as far as how people dress. We don’t have a dress code, so people wear whatever they feel is appropriate for their position. I wish people would dress professionally all the time; I do.

Some of my coworkers dress nicely Monday-Thursday and go more casual on Fridays. I think I hate that most of all! One of my coworkers is so tempting, and seeing his sexy ass in a pair of jeans every Friday like clockwork is not helping my concentration!!! He’s frustrating already, being so funny and flirty and sexy and smart. But he’s married, so chances are if I flirt with him it would be misinterpreted as sexual harassment, which would not help my budding career 😦

Also, aside from his marriage and us working together, he’s probably in his 40s which is far older than H likes to play with. I can’t help it, I’ve always been highly attracted to older men! Seriously, they only ever seem to get better looking! FML. So, he is (as usual!) teasing me mercilessly without even trying and all I can think about is dropping to my knees and begging to suck his cock while he’s fully dressed, in the middle of the office! Damn, that would be hot…

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I am planning to get back to it 🙂

Happy Friday!