Second Date

Last night we met up with A & N again. I was feeling restless this last week and not getting fucked enough, so I texted them Friday asking about their plans for the weekend. H can always be relied on to fuck me through the mattress after we play, so it was a win-win! They both had a rough day and wanted to unwind, so we sat around chatting and watching T.V. for a couple hours at their place. We like them more and more as we spend time with them. A & N can relate to our experiences in the lifestyle which we haven’t really encountered before. Hanging out and talking definitely reaffirmed our compatibility. After a while she was getting restless and wanting to get in the hot tub. H was really looking forward to this part of the evening, but he wasn’t feeling like hot tubbing so I decided to forego hot tubbing and he and I stayed behind. I did run follow briefly to enjoy the show as she took off her clothes and give her a quick kiss, but after that headed back to the couch.

He asked me if H & I ever play separately, and I explained that we’ve talked about it but never really had the opportunity. He told me that it wasn’t planned or anything, but that they sometimes play separately and like it as it can be more comfortable, not having anyone watching you. I find watching (and listening!) part of the thrill, but also figured it would be hot to know H is fucking someone else and I’ll only get to know the details when he tells me later. It was obvious to me they hadn’t planned on trying to separate us, I was more than welcome to join H & her in the hot tub, but I was happy hanging with him. Aside from the hot tub, another bonus of playing at their place is their bean bag chair. It’s not just any bean bag, it easily holds all four of us at once and is filled with memory foam, not beans of any sort. It’s comfortable and bought from a sex store, so the whole cover comes off and is washable. Adult-play approved!

H and I hadn’t specifically agreed to playing separately with them, but I figured when H went off to the hot tub with her they were already alone and naked together, so I wasn’t too concerned about getting naked alone with him 😉 Let me tell you, moving to the bean bag was far better than any couch sex I’ve ever had! Can’t wait to do it again. He and I are both kinda lax on the prelims, and got straight down to business. He isn’t the best kisser, but what he does have going for him is that he likes to bite, and that I can’t get enough of. Last time when we same room swapped, he grabbed me hard on the hips and sides depending on what position we were in. I loved it; was hoping to have bruises he grabbed me so hard. I can never get H to do that 😦 After, I asked H if he told him I like stuff like that, but H said he didn’t. H had only texted with her, not him. So, now I knew he likes it a bit rough. Very interesting.

Back to our second date, we’re on the bean bag and I’m all revved up from him biting and undressing me. He starts working my clit and fingering me, and he’s good. H almost never fingers me, and it’s even more rare that he touches my clit. I’m not complaining, typically H is too busy fucking me to do any of that. Like I said, I’m not usually big on prelims. Anyway, because I don’t get it often, fingering really gets me off. I started squirting and just couldn’t stop. I soaked nearly half of the huge 4+ person bean bag in a matter of minutes. It felt so good! I often hold back on squirting at home because it’s so much work to clean up, and if I want more than one round it causes a delay as I usually get too cold if we try for round two on a soaking wet bed. So, when other people host I typically give in and squirt as much as I want and don’t hold back. I do that some times at home, especially if we have play partners over, but not on a regular basis. I love to squirt!

At this point I was really sensitive and he was hard and leaking precum. I got on my knees on the bean bag while he stood up and proceeded to use every trick I’ve learned until his knees were weak. He was moaning and his hips were bucking in no time flat. I love seeing how much a guy wants me once he has me deep throating him and sucking his balls. That combined with the way a guy smells and tastes makes me so wet. Thankfully he had a similar idea and was quickly sinking in to my soaking, sensitive pussy. I started cumming before he was all the way in. He had me on my back, but thanks to the bean bag the angle was far from boring. He was pounding my g spot with every stroke, and I was scratching him and begging him not to stop when I remembered to breath! The best part though, he had his hands high on my thighs and was pushing down on them, sinking his fingers in to my skin, forcing my legs wide open. I couldn’t have moved them even if I’d wanted to. Fuck it was hot.

He’s a tall guy, and I have to admit there are a lot of advantages to petite girls like me getting nailed by tall guys like him. After a while he replaced his hands on my thighs with his elbows and had both hands around my throat, squeezing. I wouldn’t have thought I’d be comfortable with a guy I’d only met once before closing off my airway while we were alone. I was surprised not to be afraid or even hesitant, I just wanted more! I came so fucking hard I had to fight to keep conscious. The sex was even better than last time, although I guess that’s not a big surprise. After we were done the four of us chilled on the bean bag, mostly managing to avoid the areas I’d soaked. We chatted for another hour or two, naked and relaxed. I took advantage of the situation to enjoy her body. We were all a bit worn out, but I enjoyed running my hands all over her body, raising goose bumps on her skin, tracing her tattoos and fondling her gorgeous breasts. Plus some kisses here and there 😉 Next time, I’m starting with her and exploring her body at length!

When we got home, H fucked me until I screamed. We started out slow, I asked H about what she did to him. If she gave him a blow job, if she rode him. He told me how much he played with her tits and how much it turned him on. H also told me how she kept telling him how much she loves his big cock. I second that 😉 Then I started telling him what we’d been doing in the other room. It drove him crazy. He fucked me harder and faster until I couldn’t tell him any more details because all I could do was scream encouragement. The sex was great. I got rough sex on our play date and sex with H and his big cock all in one night. All in all, a great Saturday night!

Date Night



Friday night H & I met a new couple in the lifestyle. H found them online, so we met up at a bar for dinner and drinks. A & N are our age, which is tough to find in our area. The lifestylers we usually meet are at least a decade older. We were pretty excited to meet, it’s been a while since we full swapped. The last couple we played with said they full swapped, but didn’t. It was fun for a few times but that was about it. We’ve certainly continued to have threesomes (guys and girls, thank you very much!), but I’m more of the mindset “the more the merrier” 😉 So, finally meeting another couple who full swap, and as a bonus are even our age, pretty much made my day before we even got to the bar.


H & I hit it off pretty well with A & N. We all had things in common and could relate to the differences in their personalities. Both of us had one outdoorsy-type and one who isn’t, etc. We ate and talked for a while and all relaxed a bit. Both the guys admitted to being pretty nervous. A was kind of quiet (or, more likely, I couldn’t hear her as she was sitting farthest from me), but I was calm, cool and collected. I discovered that I’m far less nervous playing with a couple than playing with an individual, regardless of if our third is a guy or a girl. Not sure why… So, after a bit A announces, “We have a hot tub!”. Sold. We headed out to their place and discovered they live just down the road from us. The hot tub was enjoyed (yay for birthday suits), and we all (sans H & his virgin skin) showed off our tats. Soon we were getting friendly 😉


N had the great idea of moving things in to the bedroom, and let me tell you I enjoyed both their bodies. She is petite but curvy with a gorgeous face and he is tall and lean, just my type! I do believe this was the first time I’ve played without being tipsy or completely drunk. I’m surprised at how comfortable I was, particularly considering we were at their place and not ours. Maybe I’m finally learning to trust? Either way, I had a blast. From what I’ve heard since, everyone else did as well. H was very enthusiastic, I would say bordering on coming on too strong while we were there. To be fair though, it really has been a long time since we got to full swap, & they were both great. I really hope we play again!


I was starting to be concerned that H was losing (or already had lost) interest in the lifestyle, but now I see that he’s just had too much going on to devote the time and energy to making it happen. Also, we had a misunderstanding the last time I found someone, so I’ve been hesitant to do any of the leg work since. Now that I realize he’s still interested in playing, I’ve got to put on my big girl panties and go for what I want. I’m going to find people to fulfill the few fantasies I have that we haven’t checked off yet and seduce them! I’m confident now that H will be interested and probably grateful not to have to be the one solely responsible for finding play partners. Good times ahead, I hope!


In other news, my friend/ex friend-with-benefits R will hopefully be joining us to play soon. I mentioned in a post not too long ago how we’ve reconnected and how much I enjoy R. It’s been years since we last hooked up, but I doubt we’ve lost any of our mojo. There are a couple of things H and I have never done that I’m thinking we might cross off the list with R coming to play. H has never watched me with another guy without participating, and I think R would be the perfect guy to do that with for the first time. I think H would get off on it, and I’m already comfortable with R so I would be relaxed and able to enjoy him as well. Also, R is aware of the extent of our involvement in the lifestyle, and may know people who would be interested in playing with all three of us. Yes, please! R sent me a pic of a gorgeous girl he knows who’s interested in having a foursome, but scheduling is a challenge we have yet to resolve. I’m hoping in a foursome (or moresome) we could separate room swap. H and I have always done same room. I think it would be exciting to know H is fucking someone else and the only way I’d get to know what was going down and how good it was is to hear about it later rather than be able to see for myself (and, same for H). Maybe we won’t like it, but so far every time we’ve extended our boundaries in the lifestyle we’ve been pleased with the results. Here’s to experimentation!

Close Call

Lately I’ve been going through a huge focused on women phase. I’m bisexual, but I love cock. DP, yes please. Gang bang? Where do I sign up! Don’t get me wrong, my cock obsession has not abated in the least. But wanna get me worked up in a hurry? Have a hot chick walk by & I’m soaking. H has teased me a bit, but has no complaints. He loves to be involved when I take a girl to bed, but he’s willing to just watch and fuck the shit out of me after if she’s not comfortable with a threesome.

So my friend C is super hot. Tall, thin, pear shaped with c cup perky boobs. We’ve been friends for a couple years and hanging out regularly on the weekends. She always flirts with me and is rather handsy, even pretending to motor boat me at her work holiday party in December (yes, her boss was in attendance, along with my parents!). Why was I at C’s holiday party? Why as her date, of course.

A couple weeks ago I invited her over for dinner and a movie night. I cooked and we drank a bottle of wine (not enough to get either of us tipsy in the slightest). Then I finally make my move. I climb straight in her lap and start kissing her neck and running my hands all over her tight body. She looks at H, sitting across from her in a chair, who tells her “Just go with it.” She did. Got her in bed and discovered pretty quickly how inexperienced she is with girls. My pussy was just short of crying from how rough and misplaced her “handling” was. Easier for me to take control. Many orgasms later (hers, not mine) it was late & she had to go home.

The sex with H was mind blowing. It always is after we play with others. I was horse the next day at work, and not just from screaming 😉 What I found disconcerting was how I couldn’t pull my thoughts away from C for even a moment. As I fell asleep I was craving feeling her body in our bed. I couldn’t wait to text her the next day. I’ve never, ever, reacted like this after getting intimate for the first time, with anyone. Period. A couple days later I finally admit my fear to myself: am I in love with C?

How will H react? I have no doubt I could be happy in a long term plural relationship. But, any time I joke about it H vehemently denies his interest. He sincerely appears to have zero interest in anything more serious than a regular play partner or partners. Which, as his wife, I respect 100%. I would never even consider leaving H. Not for any reason or any person. But, I can’t help wondering how C feels. Does she want to play again? Would she want something more serious? Would she want it with only me or with both myself and H? Would H be okay with me having another relationship that didn’t involve him? I was bowled over by endless questions. I was terrified.

I went on a trip out of town for about a week, and when I got back I still hadn’t said a peep to H about my concerns. Last weekend, I saw C again. This time at her house, we went a bit farther than that first night (I didn’t want to scare her off in light of her obvious inexperience). While we made out and engaged in heavy petting in the back seat of the care (H was driving her home on our way home from a Super Bowl party) everything was good. But the minute I got her in her bed and went down on her, she started up a monologue about how she likes guys, but will let me do this anyway because it feels the same. She talked like this the entire time. At least 10 straight minutes, possibly more like 20. Thank god H finally said we needed to get home since it was late and we all had work the next day.

What did I learn from this? I’m most certainly not in love with C. Also, just because a girl flirts with me, doesn’t guarantee she’s bi, or at least willing to admit to herself that she’s interested in girls (or even just me). I now know I am not interested in straight girls. At. All. Mostly, I’m just grateful the enormous knot of worry/fear/anxiety that had settled and grown in my stomach was suddenly gone. There’s nothing to tell H. I have no interest in playing with C in the future. We will go on as friends, but I’m just going to forget this fiasco ever happened and put it behind me. Here’s hoping H & C go quietly along with that and don’t ever ask any tough questions! Wish me luck 😉