It’s been maybe six months now since I called things off with O. We’d been hooking up fairly regularly and while I always enjoyed our rolls in the hay, there wasn’t domination occurring. In fairness I wasn’t asking him … Continue reading

The Labyrinth, A D/s fairytale

The Labyrinth was a childhood favorite of mine and belle’s.  We watched it recently with our children and it occurred to us how much D/s was involved in the movie.  There are obvious references to dungeons, punishments, setting up a game, and visuals. The entire movie; however, circles around Jareth trying to earn Sarah’s submission. […]


babygirl vs. sub

One of my readers had a question in regards to my last post that got me thinking. What is the difference between a babygirl and a sub? To be honest, i’m not entirely sure. i know what i’ve read, and i know what i associate with. i figured i would try to tackle the differences […]