The Cloverleaf Chronicles – Part I

4 Leaf Clover

Last Sunday H and I spent the day with B and his wife. It was amazing! We went to a video store and rented a movie, bought lunch and went back to their place. We crowded onto a three-person couch to watch the movie and eat lunch. It was cozy and comfortable. We talked and laughed and got along great, and I FINALLY got to touch B! We had some drinks and played some games on the bed. We incorporated stripping and making out into our game and soon we were all either tipsy or drunk and naked. The chemistry did not disappoint and we spent more time in separate rooms than all together on the bed. Both were great!

After spending the entire day together, we agreed to go boating the next day as we were all off for labor day. The boating was completely PG as we were out in a group with various co-workers and my parents, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. I quickly realized that I cannot get enough of them! B and his wife have a queen size bed so it was very intimate with all of us sharing it on Sunday and I loved every second of it! I was really looking forward to getting closer to B’s wife as she is exactly my type physically, but the boys had other plans for us…I got to make out with her and play with her tits a bit, but that was about all. She did finger me and eat me out for a few minutes (just long enough to make me squirt!). Apparently neither B nor his wife had ever seen a girl squirt before that day; luckily for me they both love it! They couldn’t seem to get enough and I soaked their bed. Good times!

The following week was rough for me emotionally (for unrelated reasons), and I worked hard on opening up to B and letting him in. It wasn’t easy but he did not disappoint; B is so kind, caring and supportive. He makes me feel incredibly loved. Needless to say I’ve completely fallen for him. I’m quite a ways down the road to trusting him completely already – far enough down that road in fact that I finally had the energy and emotional capacity to reach out to B’s wife and begin to deepen our relationship. I asked her if we could spend some one-on-one time together soon and we agreed to have a coffee date Saturday morning. We had previously made plans for the four of us to get together Friday night, which was, in a word, spectacular!

B and his wife came over to our place Friday evening. B had a rough day at work, so we talked about that for a while to give him a chance to unwind while H and B’s wife talked about I don’t know what (but they were smiling and laughing so all was good). Everyone had a drink in hand and we were all relaxed. Pretty soon B wanted to relocate from the kitchen area to the family room where H and B’s wife were sitting. He pulled me onto his lap and started kissing my neck. B was already hard and I was wet in no time! We couldn’t wait and started fucking in the chair while we were both still fully dressed…it was H-O-T! H and B’s wife meanwhile were getting down to business on the couch but soon relocated to the bedroom and our king sized bed. B and I could hear them going at it, but we were busy soaking the couch and both of us. I can’t remember the last time I squirted so hard or so much!!!

Eventually B and I made it to the bedroom to join H and B’s wife. The king size bed and mirrored closet doors made for a great view for all involved. Eventually we all slowed down and B’s wife and I decided to take some time paying attention to one another with the men on either side of us. Neither B nor his wife have ever had anal sex, but I told her how much I love DP and how intense it is, which got her curious. I was prepared with lube and Booty Ease (sold by Pure Romance). I went to town on B’s wife; fingering her, eating her out, and playing with her ass. In no time flat she was moaning, breathing hard, flushed and tensing up. I had three fingers in her ass and four in her pussy and had to back off repeatedly so she wouldn’t orgasm before I had a chance to really enjoy her gorgeous body. I finally let her cum and it was beautiful. She is so amazing and I loved showing her how good she could feel doing something for the first time. At one point I was covered in sweat and cum and decided to go rinse off in the shower. I’d warned both B and his wife early on that I have issues with water, and I had since explained to B that E nearly drowned me more than once in a shower. Friday night I was comfortable enough that I gave an open invitation for anyone to join me to rinse off in the shower, which was a huge deal for me. B’s wife ended up joining me and I didn’t feel threatened at all; in fact, I really enjoyed it! Hopefully it will be that easy when B and I finally shower together too.

By the time we were done sexing each other up it was pushing 2 a.m. I did NOT want them to leave. I wanted the four of us to go to bed and sleep together. That’s probably what I would consider my wildest fantasy. It didn’t happen, B and his wife took off and went home as I knew they would. H and I knocked out our “bonus round” as I like to call it – H and I always have sex just the two of us after an experience with other people – and we slept soundly. Saturday morning I met up with B’s wife and we ended up at a local Shari’s where we ate and talked for hours. We really got to know each other and have an amazing amount in common. I freely admit I’ve continued to hold certain things back from both her and B, including my history of self injury and having affairs with married men. My plan is to tell B these things as soon as I get a chance to one-on-one, I think it will go a long way toward helping me let go of my remaining fear that B won’t truly want me once he gets to know the real me. After I tell him I will tell his wife. She and I really bonded Saturday morning and it was not a moment too soon!

B and I have been texting a lot and talking about our fears in this polyamorous relationship. We’ve been helping each other feel better overall, and I’m grateful the lines of communication seem to be so open between the four of us so far. I really hope that lasts. For my part I’m truly fighting my instincts every step of the way to let them in, and the rewards so far are beyond my wildest imagination. I want this so badly. B and I have also continued to discuss BDSM here and there and I am more confident than ever that we will at least try it, I just want to take things slow. I was even brave enough to tell him my fantasy of being spanked with a leather belt! He didn’t act shocked with I was very grateful for. However, none of the four of us have ever been in a polyamorous relationship before and we have two separately established marriages to maintain as we get to know each other and discover what we want. It’s very strange to have all of the intense feelings I associate with dating when I’m already married and have commitments on my time that I can’t unilaterally change. It’s complicated and confusing, but so worth it. I am absolutely falling in love with both B and his wife. It’s terrifying to be so emotionally invested, and yet I can’t not be. I’m trying really hard to take things at a responsible pace with B…I keep reminding us both that we have time. I think at this point it’s challenging in a good way for us both – even if it does leave us constantly craving more. There is so much more that we’ve talked about and that I’ve learned which is worth discussing, but I’d better call it a night. More to come in the Cloverleaf Chronicles ❤

I Won’t Go Down Without A Fight

After my last post No orgasm in sight (, I realized that if I want a satisfying sex life, I need to make it a priority as I’ve always done in the past. Rather than feel sorry for myself and be unsatisfied, I needed to think of new ways to entice H. Que my most recent brilliant idea! I took myself right on down to my friendly local adult shop and bought one of these babies!




I’d never used a butt plug before, so I did a bit of research online. Now I’m no virgin when it comes to anal sex, however what I read online really stressed the necessity for caution as a beginner. Curious as all get out, I couldn’t wait to buy one and give it a whirl! I ended up choosing one in the “medium” size range, not wanting to be overconfident but it was clear by looking at the beginner ones they weren’t going to be nearly enough for my tastes. With a little sneaking around, I was able to hide my surprise from H until a couple days later.


Once H was distracted and I could steal a few moments alone, I went and got out my favorite new toy and got to work inserting it. Not really a challenge! While I could feel it, it was not a big deal at all. After some posts I’ve read from other subs about their experienced wearing a plug, I was expecting a lot more. Granted, they were probably using much larger ones and under far more challenging circumstances, but regardless, I was underwhelmed. So, what was my next move you ask? Why to masturbate, of course!


Here’s the difficulty, I didn’t want H to know what I was up to yet. So I pulled out that old stand by and ran myself a bath with my pussy right up under the faucet and the hot water streaming full force right onto my clit. The orgasm was great, and I could feel the plug a bit more when I came, but I still was far from seeing fireworks. Solo experimentation complete, I moved on to round two: seducing H. Can I just take a moment to say OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!


I don’t know if ya’ll have ever used Like a Virgin made by Pure Romance, but its an awesome 24 hour tightening agent which makes him feel bigger and, obviously, her feel tighter. I’ve occasionally used this as a surprise for H or when we’ve played with others, but that is nothing compared to getting fucked with a butt plug in! I came so hard I was close to blacking out. H couldn’t believe how tight I felt, and although it wasn’t quite as good as DP, it was a strong second. I don’t get DP very often unfortunately and I’m always wanting more, so this baby is my new best friend (yes, I am in fact wearing it as I write this)!


Now I can’t wait to get a bigger one, and H has said that he wants to try one too. I’m so glad to have found our way back to an adventurous, fun and exciting sex life! Hopefully this will open the door once again to us talking about what we want in a way that is pressure free and fun rather than negative and stressful as it’s tended to be lately. If anyone out there is in need of a little inspiration, I highly recommend a trip to your friendly local adult store for a new toy (even if it’s just for you!). Changing things up in the bedroom has always been a successful strategy for me, and I’m glad to have finally remembered that!