Sharing Thoughts: The Ultimate Intimacy? – Jack Fisher’s Official Publishing Blog

What would you do if you could share your most intimate thoughts directly with your lover? That’s not a rhetorical question. That’s not another one of my sexy thought experiments either. It’s a real, honest question that may end up having major implications in the real world. I like to keep up with technology. I’ve […]

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An exquisite pulse of gray

2016 for our relationship and D/s was filled with passion, lust, hedonism, and excitement. We explored foreign places, literally and figuratively. As 2016 came to a close life began bringing along typical burdens that felt heavier than in the past. The high highs of the year compared with the rut of the winter months raised […]

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Arriving Butch – MainlyButch: Private Label

Let’s face it, the binary of male and female can get mighty skewed for some of us. Like me, my identity is very hard for me to scale on that proverbial “binary scale” of 1 being female and 10 being male. I use the tagline for my blogs of “Walking that thin line” quite often, […]

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Let’s Talk About – Communication! – flossdoeslife

I spend a lot of my time on the internet in forums where people are asking questions about their sex life. How to improve it, how to spice it up, concerns about sexual health or sexual performance. One of the most common responses to almost any question asked ever, is, ‘Communicate/Just talk/Just ask’ and many […]

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The Power of Attitude – Goddess Hazelnut Latte

Among my friends, I have always been known for attracting the creeps and perverts. We could never pin point the reason I was so approachable to these types. Shy away as I might, it would only invite further attention. While these encounters still occur, I tend to laugh off the matter these days. Recently, however […]

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Does a Dominant grow more dominative? – domination submission

Recently I’ve been involved in a discussion coming from a submissive questioning if she should expect a Dom to become more dominative when their relationship becomes stronger or it makes more sense he will get softer. It is indeed a valid question and I find the topic really interesting so I thought to post an […]

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Negotiating having needs while being submissive

nijntje & The Bear

You need to keep in mind that in my relationship we met, dated and married long before any of this D/s like stuff was ever on the radar, we had two children, pets and full-time jobs in place with all of life’s responsibilities already worked out and shared long before either of us knew that this type of lifestyle was sot after or out there.

Our first few exposures to the labels and ideals were all sex and kink based and frankly that’s all we really found or were able to see in it. It was all very scripted both inside and outside of the bedroom and although it might sound like fun for a while none of it felt real or enticing to us.

I did however find a site by using the labels as a search tool, that lead to a very different way of talking about this…

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