It takes a beast, to calm a beast

I have writings that have never been published,  for my eyes only. As I was reading them I realized just how far my Daddy and I have come. When He started training me, I fought Him like a baby animal, with thoughts in my head that I would win. Well, look at me now! Almost […]


Sub-Fly, Sub-Fall And The Cycle Continues

Daddy's Princess Slut

As life continues it’s ongoing roller coaster ride, it is hard not to feel as if I am failing somewhere, somehow. Maybe it’s all in my head, but it feels as if Daddy and I have lost our connection along the way with all this life happening. He says he still loves me and I’m doing fine, but yet I feel as if I’m not.

On the upside we have our own place again, but now we have new stresses with that factor in place. It will take some time to set things right again, but we will get there as he continually assures me. As the boxes slowly become unpacked and our things start to get put in place, it is slowly beginning to feel like home. As I look around in our new abode, I feel myself getting used to the idea of calling this place “Ours” again…

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Little Test — wildwestangel

Sometimes, Darling and I have to run tests on each other to see if we are really little or still little. Tonight I had to give her a test because she thought she might be cured of being Little. (Spoiler alert: she wasn’t!) Here is the five question scientific test that was used to gauge […]

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I take my submission extremely seriously. Honestly, as crazy as it sounds…I’m always thinking of new ways I can serve and please Sir.

I love coming home from work knowing I can let all my worries go and just concentrate on obeying Sir.
Lately, I have been acting a little bratty when being told to do my chores. When I come home from work, all I can think about is resting my head on Sir’s lap while He plays with my hair. I don’t want to spend the little time I have, doing chores when I could be spending it with Sir. He’s been reminding me that it pleases Him to see a clean home and that’s all that matters. I have to learn to stop pouting when I know it will make Him happy just to do what I’m told. I will have the rest of my life to…

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Quiet retreat

Babygirl's Corner


Daddy I hope skipping my journal will be ok. I felt I needed to write this.

It is so important for a submissive to have a safe place to go. A place to know you are loved and cared for and wanted.

In Your arms Daddy I know I am safe. I can open my soul and you will protect it. That I can take all my walls down and be me. Be the baby girl You want and need.

In Your arms I feel peace. I feel calm. I can breathe. Daddy you mean so much to me. You know how to calm my soul, my mind, my heart. You know what to say to make my fears melt away.

Daddy thank You for being my rock. My world.

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The Cinnamon challenge

Babygirl's Corner

On August 25th Cinnamon and Sparkles made a list of what she needs in her relationship. She challenged us all to dot he same.
Here is my list in no particular order. I challenge you all to do the same.


1. I need to be spanked. It is a way for me to release my stress and feelings in a controlled way under your hand Daddy. I need the supervision that this gives. It is not a sexual act when used this way and I know you will make sure the aftercare fits the mood and situation.


2. I need to be held. To be loved. To be taken care of. I need to know that when I am emotional you. An handle it. I need to know that when I am sad it’s ok and you will hold me till I feel better. I need to know that when…

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Needing More


This month is already going by fast and it just started. I’m not sure if that is a bad thing or good thing.
So far, life has  been good and calm. Sometimes, I feel it is too calm, but I should embrace this.
Life with Daddy is so wonderful. I have no worries, no doubts, no fears. Our relationship and dynamic has been nothing short of amazing. I did ask Daddy today if our relationship could be a little more high protocol. I don’t see myself as a stereotypical little, as I rarely color or watch cartoons (although I need to do this more). Most of my little time I use playing games on my iPad. Besides also being a slut (I fuck whoever Daddy tells me to fuck and I love it) I do see myself as a sub as well because I do enjoy serving and obeying Daddy…

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