Update & Revision

Good morning! I slept in this morning, just got up and am on my exercise bike now šŸ™‚ Yesterday I stepped things up and added stretching in to my routine, important but ouchy and not fun. However, I felt great later in the day. I’ve never actually been one to start my day with exercise or stretching, even though I know doing both in the mornings is the most beneficial. I’m not certain how it will go once my neck heals and I’m back to working both of my jobs, but I’m hoping if I can get the habit entrenched enough now it will be easier to stick to later.

I also continued my research on anti-inflammatory and fibromyalgia friendly diets and realized I made a mistake the other day….zucchini is not a nightshade food, eggplant is. Not sure how I confused the two! But this makes me very happy as I love zucchini and almost never eat eggplant. I did have a dream that my guy made me breakfast, an egg scramble, and I was suuuuper torn about whether to just shut up and eat it or stick to my guns, apologize, and not it eat. Good news is my guy knows I’m cutting everything out right now and I don’t think that will actually happen lol.

Anyway, as I may have implied, I did exercise first thing yesterday and am doing so today as well! I hope tracking my progress with my new exercise and diet endeavors will help me to stay on track. I’ve done a good journal at least a couple of times in the past but that feels like such a big commitment, whereas this seems more manageable for me and still builds in accountability. Here’s hoping for a great weekend!

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