Fresh Start

Yesterday I made a decision – I’m going vegan. I’ve gained a lot of weight over the past year and after being rear-ended in June I’ve been dealing with a significant neck injury. I’ve been feeling so out of control, fat, ugly and just horrible about myself. So, starting yesterday, I’m taking back control. I’m still super limited in what I can do physically because my neck is still healing but I own a recumbent exercise bike and yesterday and today, as soon as I got up I started my day with 15 minutes on it. I know from experience I have to go slow and I’m going to do this right this time.

So, two days in a row I’ve actually exercised which is SO exciting even if it is only a little. The diet is a bit more complicated as I need to respect my fibromyalgia, mixed connective tissue disease and sensitivity to sulfides. I’ve done some research and in addition to going vegan, I’m also cutting out:

  • wheat
  • potatoes
  • berries
  • any drinks other than water & alcohol

I know from previous experience that I felt much better when I cut out meat, limited dairy and avoided trigger foods like berries & grapes for about two years, so this time I’m taking it a step further and totally cutting out dairy. For years I’ve avoided tuna because of the whole mercury and heavy metals thing and I object to farm raised seafood but I do occasionally eat wild caught salmon, crab, halibut etc. For this round I haven’t made up my mind about whether or not I’m willing to include wild-caught seafood so for now that’s TBD.

Well, that’s the update for now! Here’s hoping these changes help me feel better and lose some weight over the next month or so 🙂

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