Dominant acts

nijntje & The Bear

I’m sitting here this morning having a pretty hard time moving around or just simply walking. My mind is going to a few of those sites I talked about earlier, about how some of those ideas are just simply not for us.

How happy exactly do you suppose I would be if my dominant decided that certain acts were ‘submissive’ in nature and not for Him to do, like for example vacuuming, or bringing up the laundry or making the beds! Yes all of those things get done around here and Sir helps with all of them, and some are almost always done by Him exclusively. Forget happy, how healthy do you suppose I would be?

Do you suppose that these things should be left for me the submissive to do even though they cause extreme pain and even damage in some cases to my body? I have horrible allergies…

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Being specific … communication check list.

nijntje & The Bear

For all the great qualities my Sir/husband has, and all the communicating we do …. being specific is not a strong suit for Him. At least not as specific as me, but then again ….  I tend to go a bit over board!  *Yikes* 😀 lol

I have a few theories on this;

  • He doesn’t really know what He wants to add/change/maintain because He has never had another long-term relationship like ours – no comparison to pull from
  • everything is already as He wants it, so what’s to work on or change?
  • anything He has ever read about training or submissive attitude doesn’t apply – I’ve been that way with Him since the beginning
  • He can’t read my mind and in effort to not sway His choice I’m not really being specific in my questions …. *dumb idea* I might add

So I finally did it, I finally asked Him…

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Sharing Thoughts: The Ultimate Intimacy? – Jack Fisher’s Official Publishing Blog

What would you do if you could share your most intimate thoughts directly with your lover? That’s not a rhetorical question. That’s not another one of my sexy thought experiments either. It’s a real, honest question that may end up having major implications in the real world. I like to keep up with technology. I’ve […]

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Little Time – toraprincess

I had some wonderful little time yesterday. I got the grocery shopping done in the morning and then fixed lunch for a Daddy that kept saying “I’m hungry.” lol Then I spread my blanket out next to his chair and grabbed my coloring stuff, new pens that accidentally fell into my cart at the store […]

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An exquisite pulse of gray

2016 for our relationship and D/s was filled with passion, lust, hedonism, and excitement. We explored foreign places, literally and figuratively. As 2016 came to a close life began bringing along typical burdens that felt heavier than in the past. The high highs of the year compared with the rut of the winter months raised […]

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Arriving Butch – MainlyButch: Private Label

Let’s face it, the binary of male and female can get mighty skewed for some of us. Like me, my identity is very hard for me to scale on that proverbial “binary scale” of 1 being female and 10 being male. I use the tagline for my blogs of “Walking that thin line” quite often, […]

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Not a Surprise

I had a dream. One I’ve more or less fantasized consciously too many times to count, but this time it was bliss. I was asleep and therefore, free. I was submitting to MCF. He used rope and had me suspended from the ceiling in more ways than I would’ve thought I could imagine. There was never any sexual contact in the dream, and yet somehow it was the most sexually intense experience I’ve ever not had!


He spoke very little, but when he did it was to give me exactly what I wanted most at that moment; to reassure me when I felt nervous, to take me down deeper into subspace, to light my blood on fire! I was tied and gagged, placed exactly as he wanted when he wanted. His domination was unquestionable in spite of the fact that there was no pain or punishment of any kind. He was calm, putting off waves of quiet confidence; he was not in a hurry. He knew I would give him exactly what he wanted, anything he wanted. He did not have to ask for we both knew I offered my unquestioning submission to him without reserve, the very picture of obedience.


He moved comfortably as an expert craftsman, no doubt in his mind as to his complete control. He looked incredible as always, turning fantasy into reality for me with his bare hands. Moving me from one form to another he was never rushed, never concerned. He reveled in our wholehearted power exchange, trusting in my submission. The connection itself is difficult to describe, even though I know exactly how it felt. I gave him everything I am, knowing he would take me to the greatest heights of pleasure and the deepest depths of our complementary desires. I wanted him so badly, and I was able to express this simply by relaxing my body, being pliant but still, going wherever he placed me full of gratefulness for him choosing to turn his focus on me.


I sensed this exercise in suspension was coming to an end; I was physically tired though elated, burning with desire for this man. I knew instinctively that this was the last form in which I would be suspended and fought to remain submissive as my desire peaked. I could feel him taking a long, last look to burn into his memory the sight he’d created; trying to drink deeply enough to slake his thirst long enough to release me. I was loosing my fight to remain still and pliant, so needful and nervous about what was to come. I’m naked and so wet he can surely smell my sex even though he is a ways away from me (to better take in the sights I’m sure). He remains fully clothed and I know within minutes I will be before him, no longer bound by rope but instead only by my devotion to Him.


Will he touch me? Will he reward my patience? Or will my desire go unfulfilled? Does he want me only as a plaything to enjoy the view but no more? It is as if there is a timer counting down in the room; as I feel the seconds tick by, I know I am that much closer to learning the answers to my questions. Then, nothing. A long moment of confusion before I understand what I’m hearing is my alarm. My heart sinks; I got more sensation than from any fantasy, but am left feeling so empty and unfulfilled. I spent more than a week haunted by the memory of finally submitting to him and feeling lost and alone in spite of the fact that nothing had changed. And yet, so much did change. What now?

About Me – Personality Test Repository

As reflected by the recent posts in my Philosophy Corner, I’ve become enamored with exploring my Myers-Briggs type of late. Although I’ve known for years that I am an INTJ, prior to this past week I had no idea how … Continue reading

The Art of Inside Sidestepping – “Social Dilettantism Protection Tent” #INTJ

a french toolbox

This is a whole box of tools about Inside Sidestepping. I evoked it in an article about how to disappear in oneself for a short moment : Waldgänger. It’s about “staying where you are, but you don’t believe anymore”. An exercise INTJs love to do !

In love, at work, at a meeting, within a group of friends : you can use thateverywhere. Suddenly you’re out. Suddenly you see how things work, and you become a watcher :

  • It’s not rebelling, it’s about watching, and feeling differently
  • Itcan beprotection, sheltering
  • Suddenly youdon’t play the game, or you do “as if”, and you watch
  • You let yourself be thoughtful, pensive, undecided
  • The othersdon’t know you’re in your tent
  • You can invent, build, and destroy your tent in a second
  • You stay there, but you don’t believe,you’re a dilettante, a dabbler
  • You can be sarcastic or ironic…

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