Being specific … communication check list.

nijntje & The Bear

For all the great qualities my Sir/husband has, and all the communicating we do …. being specific is not a strong suit for Him. At least not as specific as me, but then again ….  I tend to go a bit over board!  *Yikes* 😀 lol

I have a few theories on this;

  • He doesn’t really know what He wants to add/change/maintain because He has never had another long-term relationship like ours – no comparison to pull from
  • everything is already as He wants it, so what’s to work on or change?
  • anything He has ever read about training or submissive attitude doesn’t apply – I’ve been that way with Him since the beginning
  • He can’t read my mind and in effort to not sway His choice I’m not really being specific in my questions …. *dumb idea* I might add

So I finally did it, I finally asked Him…

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