Slutty Sunday


Last weekend H arranged for me to hook up with a guy he found online. I’d chatted briefly with this guy months ago, but our schedules were consistently opposite so I didn’t put much energy in to getting to know him. However, he stayed on H’s radar because the guy claimed to have a huge dick and the pictures appeared to back this up. H and I both love the idea of me hooking up with a guy who is bigger than H, but that’s a tall order and we haven’t been successful in spite of trying numerous times. H isn’t like porn star are you joking? big but he’s definitely well above average.

Before the guy came over I was super horny and grabbed H and a vibrator and put him to work playing with my tits and nipples while I used my vibe. H ate me out and after I’d had a number of orgasms, I decided I wanted fucked. However, I told H that he wasn’t allowed to cum until after the guy came over and left. He was hard and impatient but he was good, fucked me until I came again and then I told him I was done. The afternoon was so funny, he’d keep making an unhappy face or noise and I’d ask him, “Yes, dear?” to which he’d respond, “I’m horny!” Naturally, I told him, “That’s good.” He was never thrilled with this answer LOL!

Later the guy came over and I indulged to the point of being drunk (but not blackout drunk this time!) and he had a drink as well. I wore a tiny black skirt that doesn’t even cover my ass entirely (thank you adult store), no panties and this top featured on my FetLife profile. I definitely felt I looked the part of the slut wife and once I was done with my drink got things started by simply straddling this guy’s lap and kissing him. He had his hands on my bare ass in two seconds flat and was fingering me in less than a minute. I was horny so we only lasted a couple of minutes before I suggested we move to the bedroom, H following to watch.

I ditched my clothes without hesitation and this guy proceeded to go down on me enthusiastically for more than a few minutes…he had me squirting pretty quickly and thankfully that’s something that really turns him on, so he just kept going! I turned about half of our king sized bed in to a lake from squirting so much before I finally got him naked. Had I been sober, that’s probably when I would’ve shown him the door. Here I was expecting a monster cock which hopefully would be so big getting it inside of me would be a problem; instead, this guy’s dick is pretty average (read: small). But fuck it, I was horny and drunk and he did do a fantastic job eating me out, so whatever. He fucked me and it was fine but certainly not great.

We got cleaned up and showed him the door, then H told me that a guy we’d had over once before (maybe a couple of months ago?) invited to us to his place and asked if I wanted to be really naughty and fuck him that night too? I immediately agreed and confirmed with guy #2 what time. H suggested I wear a bra and panties only under my jacket and I decided wearing what H requested would be a good reward for making him wait all day to cum. I told H he wasn’t allowed to cum until after I hooked up with guy #2, got dressed in a sexy bra and lacy black panties, grabbed a long jacket and jumped in the car.

It’s about an hour drive to guy #2’s place so I grabbed a couple of extra items for entertainment during the drive: a towel to sit on and one of my vibrators! About half of the drive is on unlit, two-lane backroads, so as soon as we were out of town I pulled out my vibrator and got to work 😉 I decided to edge myself but not cum before we got to our destination and H asked me after I’d been enjoying myself for a few minutes, “Did you bring a vibrator!?” Why yes, yes I did! Guy #2 had asked me in advance if we could have a few minutes alone although he didn’t purport to have any issues with H being there and watching, so I agreed. Guy #2 got me naked, it didn’t take long considering how little I was wearing, and started eating me out. I managed to squirt a bit for him a few times, but mostly I just wanted fucked.

Then we hit a road block…last time I played with guy #2 he had a lot of difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. He did eventually fuck me that time but then came super fast. He apologized and I honestly wasn’t upset; I got to cum quite a bit while he’d been eating me out and I could just get fucked by H after. However, this time he never did manage to get hard. Eventually he essentially asked for a break and suggested I have H come fuck me. I asked H to, but he just wanted to go home and have sex there rather than in guy #2’s house. I was definitely disappointed having gotten all worked up on the drive over to not get fucked, but H’s request seemed fair. We called it a night as graciously as possible and headed home.

It was getting pretty late by the time we returned home but I was still far from that satisfied, fucked-out feeling I’d expected to achieve. Thank goodness for my well-endowed, very horny husband! He was more than happy to finally get the chance to fuck me and cum; happy enough to fuck me deep and hard until my muscles were so exhausted I could barely cum any longer. All in all I went to sleep quite satisfied, but with no plans to hook up with guy #1 or guy #2 again. Time to get back on FetLife and try yet again to find someone I might enjoy more :/

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