2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I’ve never considered being a girl to be one of my strong suits…I have zero talent when it comes to hair, makeup, fashion. I’ve never liked photos of myself or truly believed I am beautiful or sexy. Part of my attraction to women is in looking for what I feel I don’t have: womanly curves, feminine beauty, strength coexisting with softness. When I was very young I dreamed of being a model, little did I know that even were my 5’1″ frame to be considered, I would never have anywhere near the proper proportions. Aside from an occasional America’s Next Top Model binge, I have mostly been content to steer clear of all things girly. Now that status quo seems to be changing…



Having set it to record, last night I watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Paris. I’ll give you one guess what my favorite look was! I actually even shopped the fashion show looks online the night of the show because I didn’t want to wait until 10 p.m. to see! This turned out well as there were several offers and I ended up buying a couple of sexy (hopefully!) items for a super reasonable price. Here’s hoping they fit when they arrive at my door… :/ Anyway, although I had fun looking at everything online, it was no big deal. Then I watched the show; holy cow was I horny by the end of that!!! I mean all those drop dead gorgeous models strutting their stuff in practically NOTHING!? Yes, please!


Super riled up (and lips lubricated with a couple of drinks), I gathered my courage and texted O. We’d text back and forth a bit throughout the day, just chatting about nothing specific. Time to turn it up! I told him I just watched this fashion show and now I was super horny! O said ‘Lol’ and ‘Sorry I can’t help’ so continuing to go for what I want I asked why is that? O’s response of ‘because I’m not there’ seemed exceedingly easily solved to me, and when I pointed this out, he said he was cooking dinner and in pjs. Now usually I would have backed off way before this point in the conversation, concerned about being pushy. This time I simply offered to help! He still turned me down, so I did not get my hot-for-O itch scratched (not even a quickie!)…I guess it will be interesting to see what happens next. Perhaps I will continue to feel sexy thanks in part to recent purchases and push for what I want more often…who knows!? Anything’s possible 😉

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