Revolutions in Philosophy

Words Stand Still

In the 18th century the German philosopher Immanuel Kant caused a big shift in philosophical thinking – so much so that people have called it a “philosophical revolution.”

Philosophers before Kant were  trying to find the truth either by analysis of experience with the rational mind (empiricists) or by logical deduction with the mind (rationalists), assuming reality was, somehow, intrinsically rational.

One way of telling the history of Western philosophy is to say that Kant took the middle road. Our experience is already affected by the mind, he said, before we do any analysis. Our perception is affected by a ‘mind filter,’ if you will, such that we see things as happening in sequence and such that the world has a spatial layout. Space and time, in other words, are not “out there” but rather ‘projected’ by the mind onto experience – the mind “in here.”

[ Unfiltered world

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