Do It For the Children! Media Representation

Love Letters to a Unicorn

What is portrayed in the popular media makes a big difference. Not a profound statement,  but most people- even those who agree- often don’t wonder how big of an impression popular media has on our self conception.


Forensic science, like most science fields used to be dominated by men. In the past 15 years however, women have taken over this field to the amazing statistic of 90 percent of grad students in 2009 were women. A statistic that is not even close to any other hard science field. This is largely attributed to the massive growth in the portrayal of women as forensic scientists on television.

That is only corollary evidence shout educated masses!

Women were early computer coders. They worked in the field at rates pretty equal to men until the early 1980s. Then, the number of women going into computer coding dropped precipitously. What happened? Some studies…

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