Consent, 2016 Style

Love Letters to a Unicorn

Consent is one of these topics that comes up all the time in the kink community. It will come up in the wider world after a horrific rape makes the headlines, but then it fades. Consent is both very simple and difficult as a topic to discuss.

I want to discuss consent within the context of the kink community. For the purposes of this post, I am setting aside consensual non-consent (rape play) because that is a whole topic in and of itself [if you are really interested, I will be leading a panel on this at Boundless in October ( I also am not going to address consent in the context of the vanilla community, because that is a wide-ranging topic as well.

Kink and Consent

Consent used to be pretty simple in the kink community. When I entered the scene, up to about a decade ago, kinky folks…

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