A New Adventure

Inspired by Denying Thumper‘s blog


By now it is in no way news that H’s kinks include being cuckolded, slut wife, etc. H likes it when I tell him what I want and am assertive in bed. In fact, for quite a while now our standard sexual position has been with me on top. This allows me the freedom to do whatever feels best to me at the moment and as a bonus allows him to see and play with my tits (and recently pierced nipples)! Our sex life has mostly been pleasing from the purely sexual standpoint; H is well equipped and even large enough to occasionally make me sore. In spite of this, he absolutely loves it when my pussy is stretched out and loose when he fucks me. He has occasionally played around extensively, fingering and stretching me as much as possible before fucking me so that my pussy felt used when he entered me. We have never quite made it to fisting, but I bet we get there eventually. A few months ago, I came home to a surprise – H had bought a new sex toy for us to try!




The extender is made of silicone, but it’s still very large. It was quite a challenge the first time to take it! Totally worth it though; I came harder than I had in probably a couple of years that first night. Although I often squirt a small amount, that night I completely soaked our bed squirting from being stretched so much; I loved it. In the past our sex life was quite a bit more adventurous than it is currently; I’ve pegged H previously and we’ve both rimmed one another on more than one occasion. When I bought my butt plug, he indicated that whenever I get around to buying a second (larger) one, he wanted to try this one. I can admit that in the past I found H’s sexual interest in men a bit disturbing and even distasteful. I’m not entirely sure why, but I have completely let go of such biases at this point.


Several months ago the idea hit me that H might enjoy being locked in a chastity device, used only for my pleasure and denied orgasm by my whims. I’ve been reading Denying Thumper’s blog for some time, and suddenly the satisfaction he describes in serving his wife sounded like exactly the kind of thing H wants. He’s not in to pain, he just wants me to have anything and everything I want. If I was his keyholder I can see our relationship evolving to a greater level of mutual happiness. H often talks about the appeal of me hooking up with other guys whenever and where ever I want when we are having sex. I told him recently I’d like him to get a Prince Albert piercing, but as we learned from Mr. Shy Guy that could mean up to a year of no sex for it to heal properly. H said I wouldn’t want to go that long without sex, and I informed him that he’d be the one going that long without sex but I could find a guy with a big cock to fuck whenever I wanted. H was very turned on by the idea. I even had an ulterior motive for mentioning the PA – according to Denying Thumper’s blog, a chastity device is unlikely to ever be totally secure without one.




So I’ve obviously got chastity on the mind; I actually toyed with the idea of giving H some sort of chastity device for valentine’s day, but I chickened out. I’m trying to get up the courage to bring up the conversation, but we are (I am) rather out of practice at bringing up new sexual topics for discussion. If anyone has any suggestions about how to approach this topic with H I would greatly appreciate it!

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