A Birthday To Remember

This past Friday we celebrated H’s birthday. A number of his friends and current/past coworkers were in attendance at dinner with our families. After dinner we went to a bar with his friends and met up with a few more. One of the girls is a former coworker of H’s whom I’ve had an enormous crush on for at least four years (probably longer). She is about 8 years older than us, married and has a bunch of children. She is tall, curvy but not fat, pretty face and always looks completely put together. I can’t do my hair and makeup half as nicely as she does every day; I have no idea how she pulls that off and has kids!


As the revelry progressed, she was far too intoxicated to drive and H offered to let her spend the night at our place (it’s a bit of a drive back to the town in which she lives). We have a guest room so it was all above board, at least in the beginning. She spent a fair amount of the evening off talking one-on-one with H and it was pretty clear to me that she was upset about something and hiding it from the rest of her friends. Once we were all in the car and headed to our place the situation became clear – she is unhappy in her marriage and looking to hook up. With pretty much anyone with a pulse. She was texting a couple of different guys wanting to invite someone over to our place to fuck her that night. I was super jealous and insisted more and more that she should be hooking up with one or both of us seeing as she was staying at our place.




I informed her that our king-sized bed could easily accommodate her (and we would be more than happy to be equally accommodating). She spent most of the drive completely ignoring my comments and not responding to what I was saying at all. I didn’t take offense as I was the DD and I knew she was pretty drunk. Still, I wanted her! Once we made it home, it was time for shots. Finally I could imbibe as well! I actually only had one shot and H abstained concerned about making himself sick. Still she had at least a couple shots 🙂 Next I asked her, “Okay, so do you want me to go set up the guest bed for you or are you going to sleep with us?” To which she agreed to sleep in our bed. Yes!


Wanting to be a lady I offered to get her some pajamas, which she gratefully accepted. Soon after we all piled into our bed (me in the middle). She was super cuddly and immediately spooned up against me. H wrote on his cell, “You should play with her boobs” which prompted me to ask her, “So will you hurt me if I grope you?” She laughed and responded, “No! Why would you ask that!?” Me: sliding my hand around her and grasping her boob, “Well I didn’t want to piss you off and have you break my nose or something!” Definitely not my smoothest approach ever, but I did get consent! And, in my defense, I was quite ill and at this point it was about 2:30 a.m. I was exhausted and sick, but that was absolutely NOT going to stop me from getting my hands all over this sexy woman.


Perhaps I should have expected her reaction from how clear she’d been about wanting to hook up that night, but I honestly thought she would reject us. She wasn’t throwing any of the usual cues toward either of us to indicate sincere interest. Apparently she was more than open to a threesome! While I was busy taking my time exploring her body through her clothes, she suddenly sits up and pulls off her top! As I continued to explore her generous breasts with my hands I quickly brought my mouth to the party and she was moaning right away. However, once again I was apparently going slower than she wished. How do I know this? Why she once again sat up, this time removing her pants and panties!


I followed suit and soon we were fingering one another and taking turns eating one another out. She was so responsive and vocal, it was awesome! H was quite patient considering the room was dark, so he couldn’t have been getting much of a show. Eventually he did join in, although to be honest I’m not sure what all he did. The girl kissed like she wanted to suck my soul out through my mouth! Not that I’m complaining mind you, I was just surprised! She was so wet, so enthusiastic. I loved it! While I worked on her H played with my tits and fingered me some, but I’ve wanted her so badly for so long I barely noticed him to be honest. After quite a bit of primarily girl-on-girl action, I saw H get up and grab some lube, then slick himself up. At the time I was on my back with her eating me out and he got behind her doggy-style and fucked her hard! It was so hot.




As H fucked her she continued eating me out like a champ and I used my hands to brace her shoulders against his hard thrusts so she could continue comfortably. While it’s likely H and I have been in this position before with some other girl, this time was far more memorable because of just who this girl was. It was so sexy to see and hear him giving it to her and have her moaning into my pussy. She was just so hungry for all of it and we were more than happy to oblige! We finally called it a night about 3:30 a.m. and caught a bit of sleep.


Because she had a bit of a drive home, she wanted to get up about 5 a.m. so she would be home at a decent hour. I had agreed to drive her back to her car the previous night. What I did not expect was to be woken up about 4:30 a.m. for another round! I’m not sure who instigated this as I was asleep, but both H and her were attempting to rouse me. I don’t think I’ve ever had a morning three-way! I don’t recall much thanks to being sick and a lack of sleep – I likely didn’t actually contribute significantly. Still, knowing H was fucking her in our bed right there next to me was awesome. I vaguely recall touching, kissing and fondling her. At least I didn’t sleep straight through all the fun! We did manage to get out of here just after our planned departure time of 5:30 a.m. H asked later if she was awkward during the drive, which is a bit difficult to answer. We’d both had so little sleep and it was so early that we were mutually tired. We chatted briefly and I gave her a hug goodbye after assuring she felt well enough and was awake enough to drive safely.


Thus ended H’s birthday celebration. When I got home and could finally try to get some actual sleep (a bit after 6 a.m.), I asked H if he had a good birthday. His response? “Yes, it had a very surprise ending!” Haha, so true! You can bet I won’t be forgetting this birthday any time soon 😉

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