Round II.

Last weekend H and I met up with our newest playmates at their place. We started out with a round of drinks, but before any of us could finish we unanimously relocated to the bedroom. Last time when we met, they were staying at a hotel for the weekend so we had a king size bed and a hot tub at our disposal. At their place they sleep on a queen and he wondered aloud if we would all fit as we entered the room. H and I were confident it wouldn’t be a problem, so I proceeded to help her undress. She is just a beautiful girl, tall and curvy but well proportioned. Don’t even get me started on her boobs! She is  D cup but wants to get implants so they are bigger…needless to say, all three of us approve 😉


Once I had her naked (including quite a bit of kissing, squeezing and caressing of course) she helped me out of my clothes and we continued to explore each other’s naked bodies. It didn’t take the boys long at all to join us in our birthday suits and lure us into joining them on the bed. From that point on everything is a bit of a blur of bodies and pleasure for me, but we definitely didn’t have any trouble at all fitting on the bed. I knew before we arrived that they wanted to introduce sex toys into our play this time, so I wasn’t surprised when he started inserting anal beads into me. I’ve never used anal beads before and I was surprised how much I could feel them considering I really didn’t have anything large inside of me. I may have to buy myself a set of these bad boys after this experience!




I know they weren’t all the way in, but it seems my ass is tighter than hers. Last time he accidentally hurt me playing with my ass without lube; it seems he plays with her ass significantly more than H plays with mine. I’m all for that, but I’m not used to the stretch and burn without the aid of lube. Frankly I’m a bit surprised he was able to insert as much of the beads as he was without any lube. He stopped when he hurt me trying to insert another one. It seemed a bit weird having sex with anal beads hanging part way out of my ass, but there’s no denying it felt incredible! I admit it’s not on par with double penetration, but it is comparable to using a plug in my opinion. The sensation is definitely different from a plug, but I loved how it felt when he was pulling the beads out and re-inserting them. I’m getting wet just thinking about it!


I was glad to see them again and enjoy each other when we were far more relaxed. The chemistry is definitely there and I still think the four of us can be friends and not want deeper emotional relationships. Also I learned for certain that he is not concerned about crossing swords as he didn’t hesitate to play with my pussy, ass and clit while H was fucking me. Even half way delirious with pleasure I noticed his actions and appreciated them greatly! I have no idea how many orgasms I had that day, but they were numerous. I also squirted a number of times; much more than the first time the four of us played.


As things started to wind down, we cleaned up a bit, refreshed our drinks and sat in the living room chatting. The boys pulled on boxers, she donned a robe and I remained in the buff as is my preference. We spent at least a couple of hours thus, just chatting and enjoying each other’s company with a refreshing drink. There was a possibility of a round two before H and I needed to leave, but we were all content and relaxed from our exertions. We all hugged when H and I needed to head home and expressed how much we enjoyed our play date. I am so glad they reached out to us online, it is a very good fit all around 🙂 I am certainly looking forward to next time!

One thought on “Round II.

  1. lucky you. My king and i are still looking for the right playmates. But i know when we do it will be as it should be and not just a random fuck.


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