Sub-Fly, Sub-Fall And The Cycle Continues

Daddy's Princess Slut

As life continues it’s ongoing roller coaster ride, it is hard not to feel as if I am failing somewhere, somehow. Maybe it’s all in my head, but it feels as if Daddy and I have lost our connection along the way with all this life happening. He says he still loves me and I’m doing fine, but yet I feel as if I’m not.

On the upside we have our own place again, but now we have new stresses with that factor in place. It will take some time to set things right again, but we will get there as he continually assures me. As the boxes slowly become unpacked and our things start to get put in place, it is slowly beginning to feel like home. As I look around in our new abode, I feel myself getting used to the idea of calling this place “Ours” again…

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