Self Portrait

This week I go back for two more days of the leadership class I discussed in Evolution. The pre-work was all about creating personal mission statements, which I was well aware would not be something I am capable of creating in class. I need much more time to reflect and research as I’m taking this very seriously. In my thinking, my five strengths (or talents) are gifts, my five core values are who I am, but my mission is who I want to be in the future. As such, my strengths and values should guide my mission, but they are not the whole story. Once I craft a mission, I see the aggregate of these three facets as painting a very telling portrait of who I truly am.




So, with this in mind, I dedicated some time today to drafting a mission statement. I’m not certain whether or not I feel this is complete as well as an accurate representation of who I want to be, but it’s a start! If I make changes I will be sure to update. In the meantime, here’s my first go at this:


I seek balance in all things. I will freely offer my talents and willingly accept the contributions of others. I am committed to embracing change and growth while always remaining true to my self; I will not hide.


Any thoughts? ❤ LG

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait

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