Coming Soon: New Tattoo & Piercings

H has been trying to convince me for years to get my nipples pierced. I’ve not been super keen on the idea for various reasons. At one point my main objection was that I felt getting my nipples pierced was a very submissive thing to do, particularly since I didn’t want to do it, and that does not reflect the type of relationship I have with H. Other concerns include losing sensation and the pain being so severe that I wouldn’t allow the second one to be done, so I’d have gone through the pain for nothing. Although I have given it a good deal of thought, I truly was not making any progress toward wanting to do it, let alone agreeing to actually get it done.


However, I recently identified a new tattoo that I desperately want. H had mentioned that he wants my nipples pierced so badly he’d be willing to trade in some way with me. I had this in the back of my mind before the idea struck me…I do indeed want this tattoo badly enough to get my nipples pierced in exchange! H immediately agreed, which surprised me a bit. H hates tattoos and does not like the five I already have. When I first brought up wanting to get this tattoo he had a meltdown – granted my timing was poor, it was late, he was exhausted, etc. But still, I was not totally prepared for his easy agreement. The only thing he asked is that I get pierced before I get my new tattoo; I agreed to this easily. Here’s a preview of what I expect:




The tattoo I want is super nerdy, so you’ve been warned! I am a diehard Star Trek fan, and nothing better represents the pure awesomeness of Star Trek than the Vulcan philosophy of IDIC (infinite diversity in infinite combinations). What could be nerdier than this you ask? Why my getting this tattooed on myself in Vulcan of course! That’s right:


I am going to get this beauty tattooed on the outside of my right leg, starting just below my hip. The only modification I plan to make is that I want it to be rainbow colored, of course! This tattoo is extremely meaningful to me outside of my love of Star Trek, because I have worked so hard to learn about myself and accept my uniqueness. While empowering me to remain true to myself, this tattoo will also serve as a great reminder not to judge others so quickly. Perhaps I’ll post pictures of me once done 🙂




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