not-so-typical daddy appreciation post.

little rants

As a little who suffers from depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies- this list could go on forever–  not finding someone who put up with all of my craziness was one of my biggest fears growing up. My parents drilled into my head at an early age that no one would ever love me because I was ‘too retarded’ or ‘too much of a bitch’, and honestly it terrified me to the point of no return. As a child, I was so afraid of being alone that I slept in my parents room,even up until I was almost 14 years old.
Most children have fears of the ‘boogie-man’ or ‘monsters under their bed’, but I was one of the few that was petrified of being alone(in my old age as well).

As I grew, I tried to change who I was. I would act and dress like the popular girls at…

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