Wanting to be a little

I’ve never been very open about sharing this blog with people in my life. This is my diary and I am used to needing to guard these truths with my life or I could lose everything. However, I told one of my friends about this blog a while back and he has apparently continued to look at it occasionally. I heard from him recently and he asked if I’m still wanting to be a little. It’s a good question!


Apparently my friend has started exploring D/s as a Dom and recently began a relationship with a new woman as her Daddy/Dom. He says he is happy and I’m happy for him. I can totally see him as a Daddy/Dom – he’s got exactly the type of personality I associate with that role. But am I a little? I’m not any closer to answering that question than I was a year and a half or so ago when I discovered the dynamic. In many ways it makes sense to me – my curiosity, how genuinely I enjoy activities for small children, the stubborn, argumentative, tantrum throwing side that occasionally peeks out, the pouting when I don’t get my way and kicking my feet and jumping up and down when I’m happy. There’s enough there for the idea of being a little to resonate with me, but I know that just because something sounds perfect on paper doesn’t make it so in reality.


Am I a little? Am I a sub? Am I a slave? How do I figure it out? I’ve never really tried any of these roles – is it possible to know without trying each one? I have no idea. I haven’t posted on this topic in a long time because I don’t feel like I’m making any progress. I’m in essentially the same place, curious and interested but unsure and I don’t see a clear path forward. So, do I want to be a little?


good girl

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