BWC the Failed Top

Last week I played with BWC for the second time. It was noteworthy because H and I have never played on a work night before. It wasn’t noteworthy for any other reason, unfortunately.


There’s nothing really wrong with BWC – he is tall, ripped and hung. He isn’t shy and according to him he likes to be dominant in bed. The guy wouldn’t recognize what I consider “dominance” if it walked up to him and shook his hand 😦 I more or less was giving him a second chance as the first time we hooked up I didn’t feel any chemistry. It was okay but not really an experience worth repeating. According to him he was holding back, nervous, etc. it being the first time and all. So we talked for a number of weeks before our schedules decided to cooperate and I was pretty open about what I like and that he shouldn’t hold back.


Any guesses what the difference was this time? The idiot tried to hurt me. Succeeded, too. Not badly or anything, but he thought I was after pain. I may be a masochist, but I only get off on pain when it’s used right. BWC had no idea what he was doing. When I told him he was hurting me his response was, “I thought you wanted me to.” I wanted to be dominated, not just spread my legs for some guy who thinks he’s dominant in bed and demonstrates this by trying to cause me pain! This guy definitely isn’t what I am looking for. At. All.


I guess, maybe, he is a top? I honestly feel like even that’s a stretch though. It’s almost like he googled “domination” and make a check list:

  • Spank her
  • Choke her
  • Pin her down

and that done, he’d accomplished his task. Seriously, that’s what it felt like to me. I was literally bored 😦


Now I just have to get together the courage to tell H I don’t want to play with BWC again. He holds zero interest for me and if H hadn’t been there watching I’m not sure I would’ve enjoyed either time at all. So yeah, no. Thanks, but I’ll pass. Here’s hoping we find someone I actually have chemistry with!

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