To Strip or Not To Strip – That is the Question

Earlier this year I was forced to sell my Corvette as I can no longer drive a manual transmission due to health issues. We had planned on keeping both of our vehicles for several years, so this was unexpected and inconvenient. We found a great deal on my new car, but had to transfer negative equity from my Corvette into the loan. All said and done, both the car payment and insurance went up. H and I have a tight budget, so this has been stressful. I get a raise later this year, but won’t see it until November. In the mean time, H and I have been discussing picking up more work to ease our finances. I haven’t talked to H about this idea yet, but I think I would really enjoy stripping.

Pole Dance

When I was in college, I loved to pole dance. I’m not in nearly as good shape now as I was then, but I’ve been good about going to the gym lately as well as prioritizing my health issues and I think I’m close to a point where I could get in good shape again and be able to pole dance without causing myself additional pain from old injuries. I am not super confident about my looks, but if there’s one thing I know how to do it’s cast aside my inhibitions to please horny men! I haven’t pole danced in six years, but I think I could pick up my old tricks without too much effort. The biggest barrier I think may be H’s concern that it would become known that I strip by our families. His family is super conservative and my family would definitely not approve. I feel like my issues with the cloverleaf are now a recurring theme – I want to live my life and be who I am regardless of who knows or what they think, and H wants to keep our private life private at all costs. This is why I haven’t yet spoken to him about this idea.

My current plan is to get in to good shape again. Once I’m in good enough shape that I feel I could start stripping I will bring the topic up with him and see what he thinks. My goal is to be ready to start stripping no later than August 1. This is an aggressive goal, but I also want to like what I see in the mirror and how I fit into my clothes again. I really think I would enjoy dancing/stripping and entertaining. I hope I can get in good enough shape in the next few weeks and that H will approve!


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