Reader Question: How Do You Get Release?

Thrill of the Chaste

I had a question from a new reader today regarding sex & masturbation while in chastity. I was afraid the response might get a little long winded, so I thought I’d make a new post out of it so others could also see and offer any input you may have as well!

TheClassyWoman asks:

I do have a personal question, I am a curious woman, Wink… First I understand you have not had sex for a very long time and wear a chastity Belt. Do you masturbate to get release, this is healthy for us physically and emotionally.

First of all, thank you for reading and for the great question!  I do wear a chastity device more often than not lately, but I want to dispel any misconception about chastity being synonymous with “not having sex.” In fact, I would venture to say that Angel and I actually engage in even…

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