I Feel Your Frequency; I Found Mine in Submission of Its Purest Form

freeing excalibur

When I was five years old, a young woman came to visit my grandmother to have tea and copy down some recipes.  The young lady was newly married and had wanted some of the Home Economic club’s signature recipes to take care of her husband, Pinterest nonexistent at the time.  Grandma was the leader of the local chapter and I was used to such types of visits.  On this particular day, I had been playing house under the old oak tree when Grandpa had called me in for something he needed help doing.  When I walked in to the house I remember being met with a very overwhelming tiredness and a blanket of physically painful sensations.  I knew something was wrong and went to directly to Grandma for comfort but the closer I got to her the stronger the feelings came from the young woman with a pretty blue dress sitting across the room…

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