Worth It

Diary of a Married Woman

There’s this amazing blogger, Annie B., who moves me with each post she writes. She punches me in the gut, grabs hold of my heart and makes me think long and hard about many things. Today, she did just that – punched me in the gut and made me think. Something she said struck me so deeply. She said that in the process of letting go, she trusts her Beloved, but it is herself whom she may not trust fully. I know that feeling.

So many times, I’ve written that I am sometimes afraid and have trouble trusting in M. I think it’s been easy to say it’s him I have trouble trusting. It’s not him, it’s ME. I’ve always been afraid I wasn’t good enough and I know that still lingers. I’m afraid that at my exposed core, there’s not enough. If there is no smoke screen, he…

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