Getting to the Core – a sub’s Journey

Sexy Pea

BDSM moves past the polite rituals of human interaction and into the naked core of a person…..

After being chained naked to a St. Andrews Cross and restrained in a similar manner on a spanking bench, this thought keeps crossing my mind. Even though there have been others present in the dungeon, either playing or watching, we have been focused solely on each other. With each lash of the flogger, the strike of Sir’s bare hand, or the nasty bite of the cane, it is my desire to please him and his to bring pleasure to me.

There was no time for talking, performing the vanilla dating ritual of banter back and forth, skirting true feelings until a time when familiarity brings a state of comfort where honesty can be revealed. Instead, the connection of our two souls in this naked state brought with it honesty and trust without that…

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