My Entitled Paranoia

Sexual Maniacs Anonymous

The funny thing about being a cuck is that your “patriarchal sense of entitlement” never goes away. You expect bitches to submit to your whims even after flipping the sexual world on its head by submitting to a woman in slavery.

For example, take last night. My Master teased the hell out of me all day. I expected her to break last night once we got back home where my the key for my lock was located.

She didn’t. She teased me longer and harder than she ever had before. My cock was bruised and sore from the big spike pushing its way deep into my manhood.

As I left, a fountain of precum literally cascaded down my left leg from my still-imprisoned little dick.

I could see the glow of her cell phone through the windows even though I had just “tucked her in” for the night. My paranoid…

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