Unexpected Lessons in Power Exchange


Last week saw me squired away with 60-odd sex geeks in the mountainous wilds of West Virginia, and while I knew I was going to get great advice for my Sexuality Coaching Practice, I didn’t realize I’d also be getting a reminder in why D/s matters so much in my life.

As camp drew to a close and we shared how we decompress back into the mundane world talk turned to partners and connection which turned quickly to sex.  Connection via physical intimacy.

What luck thought I, I’m on my way to my Lord and Love.  We shall have All The Sex.  Forgetting completely that “The Sex” is no where near as comforting or as connecting as The D/s is.  Cue a round of underwhelming sex that ended in tears (with little voices in my head yelling noooo – this is how you connect, stop it I mean…

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