Spontaneity for the Win!

I did something impulsive last night, which is unlike me. I’m rather OCD so I enjoy order and like to plan things in advance. Last night was a major departure from that, and a positive one!

H and I skipped family stuff yesterday to stay home together. We talked a little about our relationship and the lack of sex lately, but managed to do it in a low key way without fighting. Let me tell you, that was a nice change! H ended up coming on to me and fucking me in the shower, which was great. Then a while later he asked for a blow job, and I happily complied. That got me laid as well 😉

After a couple rounds H was asking me why I haven’t been looking for people to play with and I explained that I was still interested but the timing hasn’t seemed good lately. He encouraged me to look if I want to play, so I hopped on craigslist. Usually there’s nobody that is both close to our age and attractive, but last night I found someone!

C had included his phone # in the add, so I sent him a text. He called me immediately and happened to be nearby. We hit it off and talked a bit and exchange some pics. H and I have fantasized for a long time about him watching another guy fuck me rather than having a threesome, and C was more than happy to oblige. He also said he has a big cock, but most people say that. I admit one of H & my other fantasies has been for me to get fucked by a guy with a bigger cock than H, but H is not small by any means so we’ve never succeeded.

Back to last night…I wasn’t at all comfortable inviting C over even though I was horny and he is HOT! My house was a mess, my hair was a mess, and I hadn’t spent much time talking with him about likes/dislikes etc. However, H continually encouraged me to invite C over. Eventually I gave in!

C came over and we got straight down to business. Turns out he actually does have a huge cock! The sex was amazing, I love being stretched open so much it hurts a little bit and I love being sore the next day. Why yes, thank you, I am actually having a *very* pleasant Monday this week 😉 I squirted so hard and so many times my muscles are exhausted today and I’m even a little shaky!

After C left H told me how hot it was to watch and that C can come fuck me anytime, even if H isn’t there. What!? That’s a big step for us, and one I’m more than happy to enjoy. I immediately texted C and told him the good news. He didn’t respond, but I assumed he was still driving home and didn’t give it another thought. H fucked me two more times after C left, but not until after I sat on his face and made him eat out my freshly fucked pussy. I had also told him before C arrived that I wanted him to wait to cum until he was inside of my stretched hole. I couldn’t tell you who was the most turned on in my house last night!

Have you been waiting for it? If so…you were right! Here’s the catch…I haven’t heard anything from C since he left 😦 C had to get up before 5 a.m. today, so I wasn’t surprised I didn’t hear back from him last night. But I hoped he might text me this morning, and he didn’t. Well, he could be busy at work (I have no idea what kind of job he has). So, around 11:30 this morning I sent C a text saying I hope he got home safely last night and that I had a lot of fun. Still no reply 😦

After the incredible sex last night I’d be extremely disappointed to not get a repeat performance. C even gave me a bunch of hickeys on my neck which I was not able to cover well at all for work today (Bonus! My mother is my ride home after work today and my hickeys are on my left side primarily). So, I’m trying to convince myself not to give up on C yet as it’s been less than 24 hours and he could very well still be at work right now but I have to admit I have a feeling I’m not going to hear from him again :/ I hope I’m wrong!

C did tell me he wanted to be discreet as he is hoping his ex and he “will come back together”. I was moderately drunk last night so my memory isn’t crystal clear, but I wonder if one or both of us got caught up in the moment and said something we didn’t mean? I hope not as that would be a piss poor reason to miss out on more nights like last night!

Regardless of whether I hear from him again or not though, it was a fantastic night and I’m so glad I went against my instincts and took a leap of faith! Perhaps I’ll have to consider walking on the wild side (a.k.a. not planned in advance!) more often 😉

2 thoughts on “Spontaneity for the Win!

  1. Sounds like you all have an amazing night! That’s great, especially if things haven’t been that good lately.

    I tend to agree with you, that you probably won’t hear from C again. Such a shame and really makes him look shallow (which I’m sure he’s not).

    Have you tried looking on sites like http://www.SDC.com and http://www.sls.com? They are swinger sites and LOTS of single males on them. And they are men who are comfortable with situations like yours.


    • Thanks for the suggestions, we do use those sites regularly. The main problem is the area we live in is a pretty small town and those sites mostly have people who aren’t near enough to us. But we have met people a couple of times that way too.

      Also, still no word from C. However, H was so turned on this morning from thinking about that night I got before work sex! That almost ever happens…so needless to say I’m a happy camper 🙂 Thanks for reading & commenting!


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