Young Single Women Are Missing A Good Deal By Not Being In The Lifestyle

htscpl's Lifestyle Weblog

As any newbie to the swinging “Lifestyle” will tell you the first thing you notice is the lack of single women. While there are lots of single men and an almost equal amount of couples, the single women are hard to find. That is the reason single women are referred to as “Unicorns“. The thing is, single women are what almost everyone else involved in swinging are looking for. In our website ( we see profile after profile, couples, single men, even the few single women, marking their search preferences for a single woman. If you are a single women and want to feel the love, so to speak, then join any swingers website or so it would seem.

So, what exactly is this good deal young single women are missing out on? It goes to something Katrina experienced as a young single and it has…

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