i did it, i used it…


There’s another post waiting to come out after this one, which my D asked me to write, but unfortunately i really need to write this first. It’s bubbling in my mind, and i can’t seem to find the peace to write the post He requested before putting this down to paper.

For the first time, in six months, i used my safe word. And to be very honest, because of the way He reacted, i don’t feel that bad about it at all. He managed to make me feel proud, despite the sense of failure i was feeling when i did it. It wasn’t even during a hard session or anything like that, or something that was completely unimaginable or…. i’m rambling. my head is still raging a bit when i think about it, so let me explain properly.

i live in a small town. When my ex and i…

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2 thoughts on “i did it, i used it…

  1. You should be proud of yourself. 🙂 I would have done the same thing. I honestly didn’t believe I would ever use my safe word and I haven’t yet. I guess my master hasn’t found my hard limit yet. But in a situation like that I would have used it too. I guess we all have limits, some of us just haven’t found them yet.
    Very good read Hun 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


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