I am Pocahontas

I took the quiz Which Disney Princess are you? I’d love to hear other people’s results!




H has several nicknames for me, one of which is Princess. For a while this was my favorite, but he uses it regularly. Another one of my nicknames is “little one”. Each nickname inspires a different reaction from me when I hear it. It’s tough to pick a favorite, but I realized there’s a nickname I rarely hear and possibly love even more for that reason: angel. How big of a sap am I!? Anyway, I saw a friend took this quiz and couldn’t resist. I also happen to like the result 🙂 They worked the word “taboo” into the first sentence about a Disney character…yep, sounds about right! People would never expect the things they don’t know about me, such as my dark past or where my personal interests lie. I get the impression that many littles go by the nickname babygirl, are there other common nicknames which are used? Do you have any nicknames which perhaps aren’t so common? Does it matter what He calls you, so long as it’s a name He chose? Although I’ve continued to read and explore myself, I still find I have more questions than answers when it comes to whether or not I might identify as little.


I haven’t posted much lately because I was pretty sick with a virus. While I was sick, H took great care of me. I’ve mentioned before how content and happy we’ve both been after I relented for one reason or another and truly allowed H to take care of me, which is very rare. There was a series of events which occurred while I was sick that made quite an impact on me. One night when I was feeling particularly miserable, H surprised me by renting Frozen. I hadn’t seen it, and we had plans to go to a nearby town for a movie in the park night to get out of the house and watch it. I hadn’t even realized we missed the movie because I was so sick, but H was paying attention. Not only did he rent the movie as a surprise for me, he also bought me cupcakes! And these weren’t just any cupcakes, they had rings on them with Frozen characters!!! Needless to say, I was extremely excited. I LOVED the movie and now need to buy it.


Next, H was looking for something for me to watch that I would enjoy when I was feeling particularly picky and rather fussy. I was looking on red box and saw the movie Planes, which I’d never seen. Sure enough, off he goes to rent it for me! I didn’t even ask. Planes was instantly another movie I absolutely loved. The very next day we went to the movie theater and watched Planes II Fire & Rescue. So good! I *need* to own all three of these movies right away! In the movie theater we were the only adults there without any children, but neither of us cared one bit. I felt so spoiled, loved and cared for. Even though I still felt like dirt, I was so happy – it’s difficult to describe. H was also happy, he can really be incredibly considerate and nurturing when I give him half a chance. But it’s so hard for me to let down my walls, even for him. I’ve always had to be independent and strong on my own, I am just barely beginning to learn what it means to rely on someone else. Thank god H is so patient.


There were undoubtedly many more examples of H nurturing and caring for me while I was sick for all those weeks, but those are the ones that really stick out in my mind. I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind, an instinct perhaps, that I could be happy beyond imagination if I took a leap of faith and ventured into life as a little; but, would H take that risk with me? Would he be willing to make potentially drastic changes to how we live our lives now? I wish I knew; hell, I wish I had the courage to ask! For now, however, I’m still too confused and unsure of what I want. H knows something is up with me, I’ve been moody and discontent which is not like me. Part of it is definitely caused by my submissive needs not being met, but perhaps part of it is more than that. Maybe there’s a little inside of me dying to be nurtured as I’ve never experienced before…

One thought on “I am Pocahontas

  1. Cinderella was my character. My sir calls me angel, pet, little one, and baby girl or BG. I call him Sir or Daddy. It does not matter what he calls me as long as it is his…giggle…if I got frozen cupcakes I would FREAK. Week!!! After reading this I ask myself did I just have a conversation with a little? Yes. ..” Would H be willing to make potentially drastic changes?”… What changes are u thinking …he seems very nurturing and u feel happy then ( as I read your words.)…email me at sirslittledarling@hotmail.com…. I would love to talk…..hugs


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