Cuck Me Like That One More Time

Sexual Maniacs Anonymous

We stand on the precipice of a new phase of our magical journey through the Forbidden Forest: I’m moving away. No, not far away–an hour via four-lane boring ass country highways with a 65 mph speed limit.

But still, away. It’s making us both sad and yet hot at the same time.

Sad because obviously we’re not going to see one another daily as we have grown used to seeing one another.

Hot because we know she is so willing and able to fill the void with the bulls from her stable. And she promises me she will.

I’m keeping my home in town, so I will be coming home on my off days Lord willing the and Creek don’t rise. I’m trying to cast this as “working out of town” instead of what might more truthfully be called “relocating” or “moving.” As in, GONE.

I’m upset, of course. I…

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