Liebster Awards



I am very tardy in posting this, however I received two Liebster Award nominations! Thank you to

SH3RAYAH  and flogginfloozie.


Sh3rayah’s Questions:


1. If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?

      A dragon!

2. If I acquired a boat what would I name her?

      Freedom – one of the most precious possessions I’m grateful to have been granted in this life.

3. What is my favorite smell?

      Man – no joke! I love the way men smell. 

4. Would I ever live outside of my comfort zone for 30 days? (whatever that interpretation means to you, i.e. no technology, no television, living in a shelter or without electricity)

      Yes. I try not to be attached to much. If nothing else, it would be a learning experience.

5. Do I have any phobias?

      Yes, snakes and suffocation.

6. What’s the most dangerous thing I have done?

      Probably dating E. I truly thought he was going to kill me.

7. What is my astrological sign, and do I feel I possess those characteristics?

      Sagittarius – I don’t know all the traits but I am definitely independent.

8. Do I believe that the color of a room affects my mood? What color(s) soothes me?

      Yes, simple psychology. I’m not conscious of it, but I believe blue is soothing?

9. Do I donate blood?

       No, I’m not eligible due to the fact that H has had sexual contact with another male.

10. If I could be the opposite sex for 30 days would I?

      Without hesitation.

11. If I had 3 wishes, what would I wish for?

      Enlightenment, serenity and eloquence. 


FlogginFloozie’s Questions:


1.  What is your greatest accomplishment?

      Trusting H.

2.  What is your biggest regret?

      I honestly can’t think of one. I don’t believe in regrets.

3.  What body part has the ability to turn you off?

      Toes…no thank you!

4.  When did you lose your virginity?


5.  What is one sexual desire you have not yet fulfilled?

      A gangbang.

6.  What is your favourite book?

      Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

7.  Who is your favourite musician?

      I guess I’ll go with Fall Out Boy.

8.  If you had to lose one, would you choose to lose your hearing or sight?

      My hearing.

9.  What is your favourite quote?

      One of my favorites is, “Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken.”

10.  What is your drink of choice?

      Either whiskey on the rocks or anything with tequila.


Eleven random facts:


One: I believe in reincarnation.

Two: I’m allergic to caffeine.

Three: I hate being short.

Four: I despise hot weather.

Five: I love Manhattan.

Six: I hate L.A.

Seven: I love fast cars.

Eight: I love to write.

Nine: I love candles.

Ten: I’m a terrible swimmer.

Eleven: I also hate being cold!


A few blogs I recommend:

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