Submitting when you are strong willed


Any subs find times when submission is at an all time low? When you want to jerk your hand away or tell him to stop messing up your hair? Anyone else become impatient as he vacillates about something you could have decided in 13 seconds? Anyone every feel dissatisfied with what should be an enviable relationship? Are there others who crave the caveman style of domination? Is there a book somewhere that tells us what to do when our lifestyle decision collides with the vanilla world’s perceptions? Anyone else get sick of yourself and your neediness, and want to disembark from the emotional roller coaster? Anyone else thankful for blog friends who reach out, respond, and hold hands?

I am on vacation now with Mr. HH and our teenaged son. My family wants to spend as much time as possible with all of us. It really cuts into our bonding…

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