Who am I and what does it mean?

little susie q's blog

I am still working on self discovery but I have learned a lot during the last year though. First I am submissive. I also have some natural slave tendencies. I am a masochist. Most of all and the most recent discovery is that I’m a little girl or lg.
I have read many different different descriptions in my attempt to educate myself on the Dd/lg dynamic.

For me being a little is having a young heart and an innocence that is very real. She is an integral part of my daily life. When Daddy calls me babygirl or princess I grin from ear to ear. I feel happy, loved, acknowledged and safe. I do not have a specific age. This is not role play. I had a Tinker Bell blanket for 2 years before I discovered my “little”. I own all of the Tink movies. Given to me by my…

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