Perception vs Reality…

His Sierra

To the outside world, I’m sure the concept of Dom/sub conjures up images of abuse, subjugation and a world where only one person’s needs are met. i do as He wishes, serve His needs. And in part, that is true. But that’s only a small part of the picture. i try to please Him, make His life easier, make Him happy. But why? Because it truly feels to me, what He gives me is so much greater. At all times, i feel treasured, special and loved. Even when there are times i feel i am too tired to respond to His touch, He knows otherwise. He knows my body better than i do myself. i can’t think of a single time where i have thought afterwards, “i’m glad that’s over”, or have been resentful because i felt i was pushed into doing something that i didn’t ultimately want. He gives…

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