He’s Got It

Diary of a Married Woman

I don’t handle disappointment well. I get hurt and I pout, no matter how hard I try not to. Here’s the most interesting part – if I THINK he is not going to follow through with something, that’s when I perceive it as a failure and the disappointment and hurt feelings begin. I make an assumption, based on the circumstances and not on his words.

That perceived failure – I don’t see it as a failure on his part, I see it as a failure of mine. I figure I must have done something wrong. I must not deserve it. I must not have tried hard enough. I must not be worth the effort. I need to do better, try harder, and so on, and so on, because I just want him to be proud of me. I want to DESERVE it. Then, I feel selfish and self-centered for even…

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