Cruise the River (is that what we’re calling it now?)

H and I met a local couple last year who we really hit it off with. She was exactly H’s type, under 30, blond, tall and thin, killer legs and big tits. I was hardly immune from her charms myself. He was more average but had tattoos (a favorite of mine) and dark hair. We had a lot in common with them, similar interests and of course an interest in playing with others. The only problem was that although he initially said they full swapped, he was actually the only one comfortable with that and she wasn’t. They were also rather flaky and last-minute, which was not fun for us. We played maybe three or four times and it was fun, but she was only interested in playing with me, not H. Because they were so difficult to meet up with things fizzled out.

A few months later H asked if I’d want to have just him over to play. Apparently they’d kept in touch. Cool. He came and we all had fun. Since then, he and she have split and he’s got a new hottie by his side. I need to learn how to get hot chicks from this guy!!! Seriously, he’s pretty average but he consistently bags super hot ass! I wish my game with the ladies was half as good.

Anyway, H mentioned that he and his new lady would be interested in playing, so I agreed. We haven’t actually met, but this has been in the last couple months or so, so it could still happen. What surprised me was when H told me he and this other guy were thinking about taking their jet skis out and cruising the river. Sounds like fun. That was a few days ago. Yesterday H mentioned it again, saying he couldn’t remember if he’d told me or not. Here’s the important part: I’m apparently not invited!?

In the beginning of this year we came to an agreement that we could both play with members of the same sex without the other person being there. At the time our work schedules led to us both spending a fair amount of time home alone. I never got a chance to take advantage of that agreement as within a few weeks H got a promotion and his work schedule is now the same as mine. My best guess is that H never had the opportunity to utilize that agreement either. Is that what this river trip is about?

There’s no reason for me to ask, as I have no issue at all if that is why they’re going. I was surprised when H made it clear that I’m not invited, but I’m not super upset. My motivation for not asking is that neither myself nor H have many friends of the same sex, and if he is just trying to build a friendship with a like minded guy I don’t want to make him feel weird about it or like I think everything has to be about sex. I am curious though! I can’t think of any other reason why I wouldn’t be invited.

If something interesting does happen, will H tell me? I hope so, but I suppose we never explicitly agreed to tell one another when we discussed this agreement. They were talking about going this weekend when I’m volunteering, so it’s possible H just didn’t want to be home alone for a couple hours, but that seems unlike him to me. H is typically very much a homebody. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly near the river if they do end up going!

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