I Won’t Go Down Without A Fight

After my last post No orgasm in sight (http://wp.me/p4jKhN-ci), I realized that if I want a satisfying sex life, I need to make it a priority as I’ve always done in the past. Rather than feel sorry for myself and be unsatisfied, I needed to think of new ways to entice H. Que my most recent brilliant idea! I took myself right on down to my friendly local adult shop and bought one of these babies!




I’d never used a butt plug before, so I did a bit of research online. Now I’m no virgin when it comes to anal sex, however what I read online really stressed the necessity for caution as a beginner. Curious as all get out, I couldn’t wait to buy one and give it a whirl! I ended up choosing one in the “medium” size range, not wanting to be overconfident but it was clear by looking at the beginner ones they weren’t going to be nearly enough for my tastes. With a little sneaking around, I was able to hide my surprise from H until a couple days later.


Once H was distracted and I could steal a few moments alone, I went and got out my favorite new toy and got to work inserting it. Not really a challenge! While I could feel it, it was not a big deal at all. After some posts I’ve read from other subs about their experienced wearing a plug, I was expecting a lot more. Granted, they were probably using much larger ones and under far more challenging circumstances, but regardless, I was underwhelmed. So, what was my next move you ask? Why to masturbate, of course!


Here’s the difficulty, I didn’t want H to know what I was up to yet. So I pulled out that old stand by and ran myself a bath with my pussy right up under the faucet and the hot water streaming full force right onto my clit. The orgasm was great, and I could feel the plug a bit more when I came, but I still was far from seeing fireworks. Solo experimentation complete, I moved on to round two: seducing H. Can I just take a moment to say OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!


I don’t know if ya’ll have ever used Like a Virgin made by Pure Romance, but its an awesome 24 hour tightening agent which makes him feel bigger and, obviously, her feel tighter. I’ve occasionally used this as a surprise for H or when we’ve played with others, but that is nothing compared to getting fucked with a butt plug in! I came so hard I was close to blacking out. H couldn’t believe how tight I felt, and although it wasn’t quite as good as DP, it was a strong second. I don’t get DP very often unfortunately and I’m always wanting more, so this baby is my new best friend (yes, I am in fact wearing it as I write this)!


Now I can’t wait to get a bigger one, and H has said that he wants to try one too. I’m so glad to have found our way back to an adventurous, fun and exciting sex life! Hopefully this will open the door once again to us talking about what we want in a way that is pressure free and fun rather than negative and stressful as it’s tended to be lately. If anyone out there is in need of a little inspiration, I highly recommend a trip to your friendly local adult store for a new toy (even if it’s just for you!). Changing things up in the bedroom has always been a successful strategy for me, and I’m glad to have finally remembered that!

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