Aftercare Options for a #SPANKED #BOTTOM

Christina Mandara


You’ve had a damn good spanking. Your tush is delightfully pink and smarting somewhat and thought of sitting on it for eight hours at work tomorrow brings thoughts of both lust and dread.

So, what IS the best aftercare for a spanked rear?

1. Lotion. Lotion is a spank’oed bottom’s best pal. Smother it in a good vitamin E type body lotion and await the deliciously cooling affects of the moisturiser. This will also help soften the skin. You can go for scented or unscented depending on whether you want to waft delicious overtones of vanilla and rose towards your boss each time you get up from your chair.

2. Aloe Vera. It has a delightful cooling effect and will help to soothe all that nasty ‘smarting’ away – it also doubles as a moisturiser. Perfect!

3. A warm bath. Soothe, soften, sink in bubbles, relax, add glass of wine…

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