Ben Wa Balls Part Deux

After H discovered my Ben Wa Balls, I spent some time online rooting around to see how other people use them. Now that H knows what they are, I don’t need to be so shy about using them I figure. So, in search of new ideas, I found one worth trying. Did ya’ll know you can fuck with Ben Wa Balls in!? I’d never heard that! Naturally, I couldn’t wait to try it. However, not having male genitalia, I had no idea if this would be a great, or a very very bad idea for his pleasure. For her pleasure? I’m sold! So, I whispered in H’s ear one night after a through fuck that we could try it some time, if he wanted. We did it last night.

OH MY FUCKING GOD! Best. Idea. EVER! Seriously, ya’ll have got to try it if you haven’t already. Her pleasure: he feels bigger & you get this amazing internal massage/g-spot stimulation. His pleasure: she feels tighter and he gets a massage too 😉

Really, I can’t say enough good things about sex with Ben Wa Balls. I’m seriously considering never having sex without them again! It was that good. Now, I don’t know if we just got lucky and the balls found themselves in a great place and next time it won’t be as good, but a girl can hope. So, I’ll be sure to update next time we try it 🙂

That’s all for now…take care & thanks for reading!

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